What procedures do you use to dispose of your bulky household and garden waste? Do you mess up your car by hauling your own junk to the council recycling centre or do you try and stuff it all into the wheelie bin?

Many people would rather use the cheapest or no-cost method of disposing of household and garden waste but this isn’t always the right option.

Sometimes it’s far easier and more environmentally friendly to let a licenced junk removal service deal with the disposal of your green waste. There are several advantages to choosing a waste removal company some of which include them doing all the lifting and loading for you and disposing of your unwanted junk in the most appropriate and environmentally friendly way.

By using a waste management company, you can clear more waste in one go and feel safe in the knowledge it’s being disposed of responsibly. Here are the top benefits that will convince you to hire a professional garden removal service.

Time and cost-effective

It’s often quicker and easier to hire a garden clearance firm when you have a lot of green waste or garden rubbish to dispose of. Skips can be difficult to place near your property, difficult to load if you have a lot of heavy materials such as tools and landscaping materials and they’re not always the cheapest option. Even if you don’t fill the skip, you’ll still have to pay for the full load. Making multiple trips to the recycling centre yourself could also negate any cost-saving on professional rubbish removal and you’ll waste valuable time in the process.

It is therefore more cost-effective to hire a professional garden waste removal company to handle the job, they’ll do it faster than you and only charge by the volume of waste they remove. By using an experienced rubbish removal firm you can complete your garden clearance more quickly and with less effort.

Keeping your garden tidy & clutter free

In order to avoid ugly muddy areas, garden waste should not be left on the lawn. Pests and insects will have fewer places to hide if trash and dead leaves are swiftly removed. Pests have the potential to have a considerable negative impact on the spring growth of new plants. Fungi that cause plant diseases thrive in the decaying remains of plants. You may help keep bug eggs and plant illnesses out of your garden by removing any dead leaves, blackened stalks, dead tree branches, or rotting vegetables. 

Insects are drawn to the decomposing organic debris, which emits unpleasant odours and attracts other insects. In addition to this, a cluttered garden is unsightly and unable to be used to its full potential if waste is left to accumulate.

With the best garden removal services, you can rest assured your garden will be cleared in a way that protects its functioning and beauty.

Having the right tools for the job

A well-established garden removal company, in addition to being insured and licensed, will have the necessary equipment to perform the work to a good standard. To clear overgrown branches and hedges, specialist tools such as shears and rakes are sometimes required. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of yard trash that might build up after a significant landscaping project or a garden makeover. It will be more difficult to dispose of yard waste on your own if it is bulky or heavy.

Best way to dispose of garden rubbish

Professional waste removal companies will be familiar with the correct procedures for transforming organic waste products into compost. Many people enjoy gardening as a hobby. In these circumstances, the garbage generated by the gardens should also be disposed of properly. Garden waste burning and inappropriate incineration can pollute the environment and emit greenhouse gases. Instead of burning the clipped bushes and branches, a professional garden clearance firm guarantees that they are repurposed through mulching, manure production, or composting.

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