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We are a full-service waste management company, offering Confidential waste disposal in Glasgow and the surrounding area. We handle the difficulty of safely disposing of junk waste, ensuring that it’s recycled, removed and disposed of responsibly. All you have to do is point and we do all the heavy lifting!

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Why Is It Necessary To Destroy Confidential Waste?

Every business owner should be concerned about confidential rubbish disposal in the time of identity theft and credit card counterfeiting. Most businesses regularly handle their customers’ personal or even financial data, and almost all of them will eventually need to get rid of confidential
employee data.


Businesses must be more cautious than ever when disposing of confidential rubbish and documents since the laws governing the use of confidential information are constantly being expanded. It’s important to dispose of confidential documents, hard drives, servers, network equipment, and other items in a secure and private way. Jettison Express is capable of assisting in this situation.

How Do We Get Rid Of Your Confidential Waste In Glasgow?

For the disposal of documents for both consumers and corporations, Jettison Express provides a confidential document shredding service to eliminate all forms of confidential garbage. We also get rid of electrical devices like office laptops and external hard drives that can have sensitive data on them. All equipment will be fully erased before being either disassembled for spare parts or recycling or reconditioned by our computer professionals. Data on hard drives of PCs, servers, and laptops are safely deleted in compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998 and Department of Defence (DOD) requirements.

We definitely get the need of making certain that sensitive documents are completely destroyed when it comes to shredding and document disposal. Because of this, at Jettison Express, we shred every paper rather than cutting it into strips, leaving it hard for anyone to put together your confidential rubbish after we’re done. Jettison Express is accountable for disposing of sensitive garbage in Glasgow and the neighbouring areas. We are always available to assist with your demands for confidential document destruction because we are aware of how quickly things move in the city. 

Meet The Jettison Express Team

Dave Gordon

Dave has years of experience in the waste management industry working in both North America and Scotland. He’s the guy that looks after all the staff training, the maintenance of our vehicles and sorts the logistics for every job. 


Ross has many years of experience in the waste management industry having started Jettison – A fresh new business model totally focused on a target market and committed to delivering excellence and personal service at all times.


Tracey has worked with Ross & Dave for several years and as well as keeping them in check, she looks after HR and Jettison’s customers too.  If there’s anything you need, just give her a call or drop her a line. 

Michael TruonoMichael Truono
19:21 12 Nov 22
We needed tons of junk to be removed quickly as we were moving house. I made a last minute request to ‘Get shot of all the junk’ . Thankfully Tracy at Jettison were happy to help and arranged collection early the next morning on the day of our move to ensure everything was cleared before new buyers moved into our Glasgow house. Friendly helpful team, reasonable price for the service. Would definitely recommend Jettison express for a quick house clearance.
H AndrewsH Andrews
21:51 22 Oct 22
Jettison where amazing, Dave turned up just ahead of time, a really nice guy, pleasant and helpful. All junk was removed and even swept up afterwards. Reasonable price also. Will use again.
David WrightDavid Wright
12:05 09 Aug 22
From start to finish the whole process was very simple. I needed my flat clearing asap. I got in touch with Ross by leaving a message early evening and was delighted to get a call back the same night. First load was collected right on the dot a few days later. David and his workmate cleared the load efficiently making sure they didn't take anything I didn't want them to! Same with the second load. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use these guys again. Top notch.
Michael BurnsMichael Burns
09:34 20 Jul 22
Really great company, I had hired them to remove some furniture from my late father's flat, both guys showed up ahead of time and had everything gone within half an hour. Really friendly and professional service. Would recommend
Jen HodsonJen Hodson
09:11 08 Jun 22
I needed to have big furniture pieces removed from my flat quite quickly, I phoned and the guys came the next day. They were really friendly and everything was gone within 10 mins. The prices were fair and I was really happy to hear that they would try to find a new home for everything rather than taking things to the rubbish tip. Very pleased, would definitely use again!

The Significance Of Appropriately Destroying Confidential Documents

For two primary reasons, handling the disposal of your sensitive garbage makes sense. First of all, it enables your business to make sure that the private information in your trash is properly and fully disposed of, removing the possibility that it could end up in the hands of thieves, fraudsters, or even business rivals who would profit from having access to it.

Secondly, you can be sure that your confidential data is destroyed in a way that has the least negative influence on
the environment by choosing an environmentally friendly disposal firm like Jettison Express. We will meticulously remove your products of any remaining traces of private information before recycling as much as we can to minimise waste.

Is It Necessary For Me To Hire A Confidential Waste Disposal Service?

While it’s excellent that the value of protecting customer and employee information is finally becoming generally recognised, many organisations still aren’t entirely aware of the precautions they must take when dealing with their confidential rubbish. If you handle any kind of employee data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) or payment information, you should make sure a professional organisation, like Jettison Express, is handling your confidential waste disposal.

Many companies, including law firms, e-commerce platforms, retailers, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and membership associations, need confidential garbage disposal services. If you need secure shredding services, Jettison Express is here to assist with the removal and disposal of your sensitive waste, get in touch with our staff right now. You may Call or email us.

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If you are looking for an experienced and professional company for a house clearance in Glasgow then look no further than Jettison Express.

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