Cardboard Waste Collection Glasgow

A guide on how much should I pay for cardboard waste collection.

Are you interested in learning more about the cost of cardboard waste collections in Glasgow? Looking for a reputable and competent waste clearance service to collect it? Either on an ad-hoc basis and as a scheduled daily, weekly or monthly collection? Keen to ensure the it is recycled properly to help the environment? You’re in the correct spot, then! This article discusses:
  • How much it will cost to remove a car boot full of used Cardboard
  • Top ideas for reducing prices
  • Samples of various waste cardboard collections
  • Finding the cheapest local collector
  • References to more relevant websites and additional information

How much does it cost to collect a car’s worth of cardboard?

For the disposal of the equivalent of a car boot full of folded-up cardboard, a licenced waste contractor will charge the customer between £20 and £80, including VAT for these services in Glasgow and across Scotland.
The exact cost will differ depending on the urgency of the collection, whether additional waste kinds will be disposed of at the same time, the time and day of the week, and the location of the collection. A collection of cardboard mixed with debris from the top floor of an apartment building without a lift, for instance, will be much more expensive than purely waste cardboard that’s collected from street level with convenient parking.
With cardboard recycling in Glasgow available, if it is only cardboard you need dealt with then collection will certainly offer more value for money that skip hire.

What you can do to keep the charges as low as possible

Whether your cardboard recycling service needs are a one-off event, or are part of a reliable commercial waste management services contract that is carried out on a fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc basis with regular on-site uplifts from your depot or premises, will depend on the industry you are involved in and whether bulk uplifts are appropriate.
Whatever your circumstances are though, you can reduce your collection costs in a number of different methods, including:
  • Dry off the cardboard – Since wet cardboard frequently becomes fragile, it can be difficult to collect and is heavier than dry cardboard. Dry cardboard will be easier to be recycled and baled, for the If the cardboard uplift takes longer, collectors will charge more.
  • Boxes made of cardboard should be pressed down – This will help your recycling partners provide a more effective service. This will speed up loading for the collector and free up less space in their van. In general, the more space consumed, the more expensive it is.
  • Sort cardboard from packaging, polystyrene, and any other miscellaneous material such as glass. Due to its high recyclable content most collected in Glasgow is then recycled. As a result cardboard is significantly less expensive to dispose of for collectors than regular trash. To save them time and money, break it up beforehand for them. – While this may not be a specific requirement of your paper and cardboard collection agreement you will find that in most cases you will get a quote that is higher if other materials are also included.
  • To make collection quick and simple, place all of your cardboard garbage outside. Once again, the collector needs to do the task as quickly as possible because time is money. The more compliant you are in making it easy for waste recycling services to collect cardboard from your facility, the less expensive the services they currently provide will likely be.

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