Meet the team

Ross Martin

Ross has many years of experience in the waste management industry having set up and successfully run a similar company over the past 14 years. After developing that business as far as was possible and feeling the general waste market had become too cluttered, Ross decided to put his experience, enthusiasm and innovation to good use and started Jettison – A fresh new business model totally focused on a target market and committed to delivering excellence and personal service at all times.
In his spare time, Ross is a wannabe rock star – playing not only the bagpipes but drums and guitar too.  He’s ever hopeful of a call from Jools Holland…and not because he’s having a clear out..

Tracey McCallum –

Accounts Manager / Horse Whisperer

Tracey has worked with Ross & Dave for several years and as well as keeping them in check, she looks after HR and Jettison’s customers too.  If there’s anything you need, just give her a call or drop her a line. Outside of work, Tracey is a volunteer Riding Instructor at Riding for the Disabled, dog lover, cook and keen traveller –so much so she’s known affectionately to her colleagues as Judith Chalmers.

Lewis Doherty

Truck Crew

Lewis is a valued member of our truck team. He’s always reliable and great at customer service. He enjoys watching football and says since starting with Jettison, he’s not had to bother going to the gym anymore as he gets a workout every day whether he likes it or not.


Office Junior

Still on her probationary period, Nancy is showing great potential.  Her tea making skills need improvement and she’s often caught snoozing. However, she’s always ready to offer a warm welcome to visitors and she’s excellent at rounding up the truck teams.

Ross hamilton

Truck Crew

Known to the team as Wee Ross despite his height -Ross is the youngest member of our team and when he’s not at University, playing football for his local team or partying in Magaluf, he’s a safe pair of hands for Jettison – must be his goalie experience.

david hefford

Truck Crew

The newest member of our team David has settled right in and enjoys playing football, reading and cooking in his spare time. He’s never brought any of his culinary creations into the office for us to try  though

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We enjoy nothing better than taking on a project or challenge other companies might shy away from.  We’re a ‘think on your feet & out of the box’ kind of team and we’ll always come up with a solution for our clients, albeit this might take a bit of head scratching.

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