What to Expect from a Professional Garden Clearance Service in Scotland

We all love our gardens in the summer. Our gardens are an important part of our homes, and how they look can make us enjoy them even more.

There is more to it than simply planting and maintaining trees when it comes to maintaining a clean and organised outside area. Every back garden requires special attention and comprehensive maintenance to properly dispose of rubbish and other garden waste that accumulates over time.

It is no longer a tedious task of clearing up your garden, thanks to a comprehensive guide put together by an experienced garden clearance company. Continue reading to learn more about a professional garden clearance service!

What Happens During A Garden Clearance

Garden clearances, which is more than just raking leaves and trimming trees, can be an essential part of taking care of your garden. In the case of dangerous or extensive materials, the company may charge an extra fee.

The gardening team will arrive at your home on the agreed-upon day and time. You can talk about your priorities with them at the time.

After that, the team will set up their tools and get straight to work.

Once they finish, the garden clearance experts will put all the of green waste in bags and have the garden waste removed from your garden. In the event that you have a compost bin,  you can put the grass, leaves, and twigs there. To get rid of any more cut greenery, you’ll have to pay extra for the bags and the trash.

Here are the jobs related to garden clearance work:

  • A leaf blower is used to clear leaves from lawns and paths.
  • Clearing fallen tree debris.
  • Getting rid of leaves, twigs, cuttings, and weeds from your roof gutters.
  • Removal of bags or piles of rubbish.
  • Natural waste (weeds, clippings, grass, soil) and waste from building projects must be cleared away.

How much does a garden clearance cost?

When it comes to the cost of clearing your garden, there are a lot of essential things to keep in mind. The price is usually quoted per hour or per load, or even based on what kind of waste needs to be cleared.

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Overgrown garden clearance cost

The more time and effort it takes to maintain an overgrown garden, the more difficult and time-consuming it becomes. In this case, the price per load could be appropriate.


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