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We are a full-service clearance and waste management company, offering waste clearance services for residential and smaller commercial premises. We handle the difficulty of safely disposing of waste, ensuring that it’s recycled, removed and disposed of responsibly. All you have to do is point and we do all the heavy lifting!

 Junk Clearance Price List

Junk Clearance Prices Scotland: Affordable Options for Effective Junk Removal

Are you in need of junk removal services in Scotland but worried about the cost? Look no further as we offer the most affordable junk clearance prices in Scotland! Our team of experts provides efficient and effective solutions for all your junk removal needs, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space.


Why Choose Jettison Express?

We understand that finding a reliable junk removal service that fits your budget can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer the most competitive junk clearance prices in Scotland without compromising on quality. Our team of professionals is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide a hassle-free and timely service.


Our Junk Clearance Services

We provide a wide range of junk removal services to cater to your unique needs. Our services include:

Household Junk Removal – Our team can handle any type of household junk, from old furniture to electronic appliances, and dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. We ensure that all recyclable materials are recycled, and the rest is disposed of safely.

Garden Waste Removal – We also provide garden waste removal services, including tree and bush removal, hedge trimming, and grass cutting. We can handle any size of garden waste and ensure that it is disposed of safely.

Office and Commercial Junk Removal – We offer office and commercial junk removal services, including office furniture removal, electronic equipment disposal, and document shredding. Our team can handle any size of junk removal, from a small office to a large commercial space.

Builders’ Waste Removal – Our team is also equipped to handle builder’s waste removal, including concrete, bricks, and tiles. We ensure that all materials are disposed of safely and in compliance with local regulations.

Our Junk Waste Removal Process


We follow a simple and efficient process to ensure that your junk is removed promptly and efficiently:

  1. Contact us to schedule a consultation.
  2. Our team will arrive at your location and assess the junk that needs to be removed.
  3. We will provide you with a quote based on the amount of junk that needs to be removed.
  4. Once you agree to the quote, our team will remove the junk promptly and efficiently.

Don’t let junk clutter your space and affect your quality of life. Contact Jettison Express and let our team of experts provide you with an affordable and effective junk removal solution.

Our  Clearance Services

Our service includes:

  • Call ahead when the team is on its way
  • Up front rates
  • On time service
  • Friendly uniformed staff
  • Removal & Disposal of non-hazardous waste types
  • Dismantling of  larger items such as furniture
  • Lifting of carpets & flooring
  • 90% recycling rate
  • A final sweep/tidy of the area that’s been cleared

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