There are a few things to consider while getting rid of old or extra tyres. It is a crime to not properly discard of tyres, therefore it is in your best interest to do some research on how to dispose of tyres before you get rid of them.

Not all local authorities permit the disposal of tyres and those that do frequently levy a small cost per tyre.

You should check with your local authority to see what their policy is. If they don’t accept tyres, they’ll be able to guide you in the appropriate direction.

Some garages and tyre-fitting businesses will take them off your hands for a price. Give your local garage a quick call to see if they will accept the tyres. Kwik-Fit does not provide this service, however, Halfords does.

There are companies that specialise in tyres. They do charge a fee to collect and dispose of your old tyres, but they may frequently spare you the trouble of looking for a tip or garage that accepts tyres. As with all of these tips, make sure that any firm you use has an acceptable trash carrier’s licence.

Only licenced waste carriers are legally permitted to dispose of tyres, so if you discover someone who offers to collect them, ask to see their licence.

You will not be permitted to dispose of tyres in a skip. Because skip providers are not insured to dispose of tyres, they will not accept a skip containing them.

Why is tyre recycling so important in Glasgow?

Both Glasgow businesses and residents are required by law to dispose of scrap tyres safely. In Scotland, it is illegal to dispose of tyres in landfills.

However, it is not only about the legislation governing the disposal of vehicle tyres.

When you schedule a service to collect junk waste tyres from your Glasgow home or company, you are helping to protect the environment. We remove as much re-useable material as possible from all the items that are collected.  When you contact our skilled staff, you will learn that they are able to recycle every discarded and worn tyre in an environmentally friendly manner that minimises the carbon footprint of businesses that purchase our by-products.

Tyre disposal Glasgow

Tyre disposal Glasgow

What happens to the tyres that have been collected?

The first step is to contact a tyre disposal service company and we will discuss and negotiate a competitive price for all types of tyre disposal requirements.

We will send a corresponding sized tyre pickup vehicle on a day and time that is convenient for you. When you call Jettison Express, our courteous and efficient team will usually be on-site within 24-48 hours. Have a look at our price page to get an idea of the cost to dispose of tyres in Glasgow.

We offer a tyre collection service where we will collect waste tyres from your Glasgow home and we also cover councils across the west of Scotland. We will transport them to recycling centres which are ethical and extremely environmentally friendly. Because we are certified and controlled by the Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA), we keep our procedures and equipment up to date at all times.

What results from Glasgow waste tyre recycling?

Our most common service is to provide a  full house clearance in Glasgow, but our depth of knowledge enables us to identify unique ways to recycle end-of-life tyres from businesses and homes around Glasgow and councils surrounding the west of Scotland.

This involves, for example, making bales that construction companies in Glasgow (and elsewhere in the UK) use to create various structures or to avoid soil erosion.

Some tyres collected from Glasgow locations are retreadable, while others are crumbled to make a safe playground and sports surface, as well as for other types of construction projects. Some of the tyres we collect can potentially be used as fuel in cement plants.

How to Remove Unwanted Tyres in Glasgow

We can deliver this vital legal responsibility and recycling service swiftly and our work is extremely cost-effective, regardless of the size of the tyre or the number of tyres you need to dispose of.

Why can tyres not be recycled by just anyone?

Please do not try and dispose of tyres yourself! You need a special license and due to the chemical combination used, it makes tyres difficult to recycle. Even moderate road use might complicate tyre recycling since oil and other contaminants can contaminate the rubber. Tires that have reached the end of their life can be broken down and pulverised to reveal the different materials.

What is the legislation for tyre disposal and do you need a special license?

The Scottish Government is tightening licencing restrictions for waste tyre storage and disposal in an effort to crack down on unlawful operations.

The Waste Management Licensing (Scotland) Amendment Regulations was approved by parliament on March 30, 2016, requiring all operators to have a licence to process tyres.

In Scotland, new licencing rules for waste tyre storage have been implemented and all tyre disposal, recycling and collection services are responsible for obtaining the license and abiding by these rules.

Prior to the revisions, operators could register an exemption to keep up to 1,000 waste tyres (just under 10 tonnes) on a single site at any one time, as long as they logged the exemption with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

However, following instances involving unlicensed operators, the Scottish Government is enacting more severe restrictions.

What else can you do with discarded tyres?

Once tyres are disposed of, the matter and scrap rubber from recycled tyres are often used in construction materials and civil engineering, such as roads, sound-proof walls, bridge foundations, and more.



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