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We’ve all seen them, sitting on the side of a Glasgow road  – old mattresses that should’ve been properly disposed of. This is not only illegal, but it also makes your property seem horrible. Furthermore, according to a recent figure, roughly 30,000 mattresses are disposed of in an environmentally undesirable manner in Glasgow each year, raising serious environmental problems. Mattresses are big items and a particularly challenging waste stream to manage, so we understand why people find them difficult to dispose of properly.

According to studies, you should replace your mattress every 5-7 years. This is always a good habit to develop because sleeping on a worn-out mattress can lead to insomnia and back pain. When you buy a new mattress, how do you get rid of the old one?

mattress disposal Glasgow

mattress disposal in Glasgow

Mattress Recycling & Collection

If you need to get rid of an old or unwanted mattress, you’re probably aware that mattress disposal can be a significant hassle. They can be extremely difficult to manage. They are not only enormous, bulky, and difficult to move, but they also cannot be put away with your regular waste. If you decide to handle it yourself, most mattress disposal alternatives will entail a significant amount of time and effort on your behalf. The good news is that there is a quick, simple, and painless way to dispose of your old mattress.

Take a look at our Garden Clearance Glasgow page.

Why should you choose our mattress disposal service?

Why You Should Recycle Your Old Mattress

Even though it can be difficult at times, 100% of a normal mattress can be recovered through recycling at specialised facilities. The mattress’s foam, cotton, and metal springs, as well as the cotton outer layer, are all recyclable materials. Mattresses made of memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, and latex foam are also recyclable. Every year, almost 150,000 tonnes of mattresses wind up in landfill in the United Kingdom. With the average mattress taking up to 20 years to decompose, it’s easy to see how this has a big influence on our ecosystem. Recycling mattresses are far more advantageous because it repurposes these components in a more sustainable manner.

House Clearance Glasgow

If your looking to clear your house of an old mattress or a bulky waste item in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire then call Jettison Express. We will remove your household waste and take it to a licenced waste recycling centre. We specialise in junk removal and bulk waste collection. We use local recycling centres for our bulk waste and unwanted furniture so we can lower the impact we have on the environment by using less fuel. Take a look at our House Clearance Glasgow page for more information.

Zero Waste Scotland

We pride ourselves on playing our part in trying to become zero waste in Scotland. Looking after the environment by keeping our emissions low and reducing our carbon footprint. We make sure that our bulky waste collection and waste disposal are recycled as much as possible and not just transported to the landfill.

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If you’d prefer your mattress didn’t spend the next 20 years decomposing in a landfill site, let Jettison Express take care of your mattress disposal for you. We’ll ensure your mattress gets rehomed if it’s in good enough condition, or 100% recycled if it’s not, leaving your environmental conscience totally clear.

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