If you’re performing some home improvements such as landscaping or a full-on garden clean out, then you should read this blog. You may have some broken fence panels or old fence boards that have become a bit of an eyesore and you want to get rid of them. If you do then it is important to learn how to dispose of old fence panels properly and in the most environmentally friendly way.

Take your panelling or old fence to your nearest landfill

You may only want to get rid of a few panels. If this is the case the simplest approach is to take your panelling to your local tip. There’s always space for Green waste at the recycling centre. This includes things like wood, leaves, and so on. Please note that they may not accept unwanted panels that have been painted or varnished fencing. So before going on a long-distance journey, always best to check with your local councils.

Transporting your panelling to your local tip

Transporting your unwanted panels can be a challenging and time-consuming task. If you do not have a car or van large enough to carry all you need to do, you may need to turn to some of the other solutions indicated below.

Local council fence removal

If you don’t mind storing and holding on to the panelling for several days then your local council may be able to help you with a removal service. You may be able to have the fences collected by the council when your recycling is picked up, and they will be disposed of correctly and sustainably. If this is your intention, consider pulling it apart and throwing it away. Natural or untreated wood waste can be disposed of in the green wheelie bin; unfortunately, treated wood waste cannot be disposed of in the green wheelie bin. Try not to overfill the bin as it will become heavy and it will make it a very difficult task for the lorry.

Skip hire to dispose of your fence panels

It’s unlikely that you need a skip. Hiring a skip for this type of job might be expensive, unnecessary and in many circumstances unneeded. You are unlikely to need the services of garden clearance company unless you are disposing of a large amount of fence panelling, if you are disposing of lager volumes of fence panelling we recommend using the Jettison Express Garden Clearance service.

Burning your panels to get rid of old panels

Many households have some stuff they want to get rid of in a hurry, and they may feel tempted to burn them, rather than contact a rubbish removal service. However, Local councils will not encourage burning them since they will release toxic fumes which are hazardous. Local councils advise against burning treated wood since the gases can harm human health and safety. If that doesn’t work, you may try a site like freecycle.com, which allows people to advertise any recyclable good that they want to get rid of. This site is free to use and means that your trash garden panels will not go to landfill.


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