What is a House Clearance Service?

If you need to remove unwanted items in your home, then why not call a house clearance company? A House clearance company will clear out your home quickly and efficiently. A professional waste management company will clear any unwanted waste from either your home, garage or place of business giving you back your time and space. Depending on your needs a junk removal company can remove a single unwanted item or they can completely declutter an entire house, garden or garage in preparation for renting or selling the property.

A home clearance can be time-consuming and hard work. Here are some things to consider before calling in a waste removal company.

Tips to Organise Your Home

Tip #1. Find the best home clearance company

Finding the most reliable home clearance services company can be a little tricky since there are so many out there & not all of them are as professional as they claim to be. If they’re offering cheap waste disposal then you should be questioning where exactly your rubbish will end up. Finding an insured and licenced company will be time and money well spent. Who wants to risk their personal items & unwanted waste to ending up fly-tipped? In order to protect the environment you want to be sure the junk company you choose has a good, trustworthy reputation and offers great customer service. It’s always worth asking friends or colleagues for recommendations on reputable companies.

Google is also a great way to find a good local waste removal company. You can read the reviews too.

When choosing your clearance company. it is always worth asking about the costs involved, whether or not they have a waste carriers licence & the appropriate insurances. It’s also worth checking that they’re registered with SEPA for peace of mind that your unwanted rubbish will be disposed of correctly and safely. Yоu have a right to know exactly how your waste will be disposed of. You might be held responsible and face a fine of up to £50,000 if your home is engaged in fly-tipping. Have a look at the Jettison Express price list for an idea of House Clearance prices in Glasgow.

Tip #2. Compare quotes

If you haven’t done business with a waste management company before, sometimes it’s worth getting a couple of quotes from different companies. Any reputable company will be happy to provide a free no-obligation quote. You will need to describe your items as thoroughly as possible or send a couple of photos so the company can get a realistic idea of the type of waste to be cleared, the volume and the type of disposal involved.

Any additional costs such as surcharges for items classed as hazardous waste should be flagged to you.

Tip #3. Which things should go

Once you’ve scheduled a house clearance date on your calendar, you should look through everything you want to go and decide if there’s anything sentimental you want to keep, anything you want to donate and what you definitely want to go. Knowing this in advance of your clearance team turning up makes the whole process much more straightforward and quicker. Sometimes it’s useful to utilise the traffic light system to categorise items in a house clearance. Go from room to room and mark items with red ‘keep’, orange ‘sell/donate’, and green stickers.

Tip #4. Estimate the amount of stuff for the house clearance

Think about a standard household skip to get a rough idea of volume. Count how many 6-yard regular skips your things would fill. As a result, you should take a walk around each and record how many skips each sticker category would have. An estimate is all you need to get it right. Things with a green label (destined for the bin) can often be reduced in bulk by breaking them down into smaller pieces.

Put it all together to get an idea of how much each category will weigh and then figure out how to get it there.

Tip #5. Keep the important documents safe

You should handle confidential documents with care as identity theft is on the rise in the United Kingdom. Before throwing them away, consider purchasing a shredder and shredding your bank records, credit card receipts, and medical records. Some clearance companies offer a secure shredding service along with their junk disposal services so it’s always worth asking if this is something you might need.

Also, don’t throw away any documents you might need in the future. This is especially true if you’re clearing out a house for a recently deceased family member or friend. Don’t get rid of any paperwork that appears to be from an official source until the estate is settled. If you have any questions, contact the estate’s lawyer or executor.

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