Questions To Ask House Clearance Service Providers Before Hiring Them

Going through house clearance services can really be a drain on your energy. You don’t want to hire someone to clear your unwanted items and they just drop them at the landfill. A reputable house clearance company would never do that as they care for their clients and the environment.

If you don’t hire the correct one, you risk bringing the wrong people into your home and causing property damage or worse. This piece will go through some essential questions to ask any house clearance service before hiring them. Here are some questions you may want to ask before entrusting them to your household waste.

Which Areas Do You Cover?

If you want to use the services of a house clearance firm, this is crucial. Find out their target market and if you fall into that category. Some businesses may charge you more if you are outside of their service area; nevertheless, to keep expenses low, make sure the property you want clearing is in a suitable region.

What Kinds of Rubbish Do You Take?

Almost all unwanted items. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind, from the carpets to the greenhouses. Asbestos, for example, is a dangerous material that we are unable to transport. Before the clearance begins, the clearance team will collaborate with you about the unwanted rubbish you want away and what items will stay.

What Will Happen To My Household Items After The Rubbish Clearance Service?

Jettison Express recycle 95% of our household goods; the 5% that cannot be donated will be taken to a commercial recycling facility and recycled in accordance with their specifications. Charity shops, homeless centres, and cat and dog shelters get the bulk of our donations.

In order to protect our customers from identity theft, we ensure that all important documents (bank statements, passports, credit cards, etc.) are destroyed.

Can You Give Me A Free Quote?

Before you agree to anything, you must get a price for the work required. To avoid unpleasant surprises later, it’s a good idea to know how much the house clearance work will cost before you begin the task.

Jettison Express is one of Glasgow’s best removal and clearance companies if these questions are asked before making a decision. Contact us for more information about our house clearance services.

Are You A Registered Waste Carrier?

As much of the goods as feasible can be recycled and donated to charity by legitimate house clearance companies. Although landfills are a low-cost option for disposal, they are detrimental to the ecosystem. As a result, be wary of companies that claim their products are sent to a landfill.

A reputable house clearance and removal company will have a current waste carrier’s license. They will be registered with the Environment Agency as well. Any organisation that manages and disposes of waste must comply with this regulatory obligation.

You don’t want your waste to be illegally dumped or fly-tipped. For example, if the things are tracked to your location and traced back to you, you could face heavy fines.

Are You Insured?

Home clearance companies are not entirely required by law to have insurance. A reputable business, on the other hand, will want to be fully insured in the event of a tragedy. Working with an insured company demonstrates that they are prepared to support their employees and be there for them if there are any problems. This also ensures that you will not have to pay for damage to your property, staff, or any third party.

How Many Staff Are In Your Clearance Team?

At least two house clearing staff are needed to complete conventional house clearance in a timely and professional manner. Almost any good company will send at least two house clearing personnel to complete the job. To learn more about their employees, follow up with questions like these:

  • Is everyone in your clearance team fully trained?
  • Do they have a criminal record check?
  • Do they have the expertise for the job?
  • Is everyone in the team adequately geared up?

How long will it take you to clear the property?

A complete flat clearance should take no more than a few hours to a few days with the help of trained and experienced workers and a large vehicle. As long as the firm has been in business for some time, its employees will be well-versed in the right methods of emptying a house, so the job will be done quickly and efficiently.


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