How to Get Rid of Your Old Decking Wood

With nice garden weather on the way, now is the time to spring into action and complete all of those annoying little garden tasks. Decking areas have become one of the more popular DIY garden projects in recent years, but they often need re-laying after being weather damaged or simply needing a makeover. The dilemma is, if you get a new deck how can you dispose of old deck wood as soon as possible to maximise your use of your garden space.

This is where Jettison Express can help. Our rubbish disposal specialists may come to your home and remove your old deck boards, unwanted garden furniture, or children’s outdoor toys on the same day. Furthermore, we divert at least 90% of everything we collect from landfill, which means we can recycle your untreated deck wood and help to maintain our earth as green as your garden.

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Removing the Deck

It can frequently be more challenging to remove decking than to replace it, whether you’re replacing a complete piece or just a few boards here and there. It is not an option to dispose of deck materials with your household waste, and you might not have the right kind of transportation to take it to the landfill. Because of this, we’ve created all of our waste clearance services to be not only affordable but also efficient and practical.

Our skilled workers may remove the unused decking from your back garden if you choose Jettison’s “Man and Van” service. If you don’t want your week disrupted, we can even visit your property when you’re not there. We will send a text message when we are around 30 minutes away from your home and provided that gates are left unlocked or special instructions are provided to our staff, we can snap before and after photos so you can see that the area has been kept tidy. In order for you to be informed of our progress, we will also provide you with a tracking link.

Either way, we don’t mind getting a few splinters, and we can handle all the laborious work on your behalf.

Skip Bags and Skip Hire

When considering what to do with old deck boards, if you don’t mind doing your own lugging and lifting, renting a skip or purchasing a Skip Bag may be a good alternative for you. Both skips and skip bags require a sizable amount of empty space on your front lawn or driveway, but they give you a little bit more time and a place to safely store your garden waste. This is particularly important if you have kids or animals that might enjoy playing on an old decking pile.

When you hire a skip, you’ll get it for 14 days, and you can use it to get rid of various kinds of waste from your house or garden in addition to making the most of it. Due to various considerations, including demand, logistical routes to your home, and your proximity to a nearby garbage transfer facility, skip hire fees vary from area to area.

Although it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re so motivated, and considering that you could arrange a much quicker turnaround, you have a total of six months with a Skip Bag to fill your bag and schedule your designated-day collection with Jettison Express. Again, lifting would be your responsibility, and the Skip Bag needed to be no farther than 4 metres from the road in order to be successfully collected.

Old Deck wood recycling

Your decking is probably made of cedar, redwood or treated timber, which all contain chemicals to help it endure weather damage and insect infestations. Unfortunately, this renders recycled treated decking all but impossible as plaining the wood to reclaim it would release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. The same factors prevent the wood from being chipped and used again.

The treated decking wood cannot be disposed of in a landfill for the same reasons because the toxic chemicals within could harm the soil and water nearby. The treated wood must therefore be disposed of in the same manner as hazardous waste and transferred to a lined landfill instead, where there is a substantially lower possibility that it would seep into the ground.


There are eco-friendly removal options for disposing of your old decking wood that are advantageous to both the environment and your money.  Whether you’re replacing an outdated deck, or just need a way to get rid of old deck wood, it’s always a good idea to consider reuse as your first choice if the boards are still in good condition

Consider recycling options and disposal locations that specialise in wooden deck disposal rather than disposing of your old deck boards in a landfill. This not only lessens the negative effects on the environment but also encourages sustainability by reusing priceless materials.

If your old deck wood is still in good shape, you should also think about finding innovative uses for it, such as repurposing it for new projects or giving it to people in need. By doing this, you may increase the usefulness of your old deck’s wood, reduce waste, and help make deck removal more ethical and sustainable.

In conclusion, your decision to recycle or reuse your used decking wood demonstrates your dedication to responsible resource management and environmental responsibility. So, when it comes time to say goodbye to your old deck, keep in mind that there are eco-friendly options available that are good for both the environment and your neighbourhood.

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