Disposing of Old Air Conditioning Equipment

We have experienced an extremely warm summer for a change in Scotland, and an unseasonably warm start to the autumn, with some of the warmest days on record. As a result, newspapers, websites, and other media outlets have published a lot of articles and instructions on how to stay cool. Some are straightforward, such as closing blinds and opening windows according to the location of the sun, while others involve the use of electrical appliances.

Air conditioning is one of the more expensive purchases you can make to keep your home or workplace cool. Air conditioning has never truly taken off in the British domestic market. According to statistics, less than 5% of UK households have any type of air conditioning installed, however it is becoming increasingly popular.

Disposal of Air Conditioners

Jettison Express is the ideal solution for making room for freshly purchased things or for waste collection owing to the replacement of old technology. Our ‘Man & Van’ collection service is a convenient option offered throughout the United Kingdom. All you have to do is calculate how much waste you have, book the appropriate pickup size, and we’ll be there to collect it, sometimes the same day.

Market Trends

As the summers in the UK become hotter, so does the demand for air conditioning. As early as 2019, the European air conditioning market showed an 11% increase in sales over 2017, and this figure is expected to continue to rise further. Along with air conditioning, modest investments for staying cool increased with Toolstation claiming a 641% rise in fan sales.

Aside from the financial commitment of acquiring one, there are other solid reasons to avoid purchasing any type of air conditioning. The additional cost of running them may cause you to reconsider and settle for a cool can of pop from the store instead. If used frequently, an air conditioner might add £24 to your weekly energy cost. This is because global energy scarcity is becoming a serious issue. If the UK continues to adopt air conditioning at its current rate, national energy consumption might climb by 15%.

Can I Bring My Air Conditioner to the Tip?

Air conditioners can be difficult to dispose of not only because they are classified as electrical waste (WEEE), but also because they contain refrigerant. Not all Tips can accept items containing gases such as refrigerants, so double-check before bringing your old one. Other items, such as fans, are usually fine, but it’s still worth checking ahead of time because some Tips charge for specific types of trash.

How to Get Rid of a Broken Fan

We will gladly accept smaller domestic air conditioning units, fans, and the majority of other types of WEEE found in the average UK household. Large air conditioning units become more difficult to dispose of because they must be properly uninstalled. If you have huge air conditioning units that have been unplugged, please call us so that we can collect them.

Dispose of your Air condition with Jettison Express

We may happily send one of our ‘Man & Van’ services to collect your old equipment in a home setting, and our waste disposal staff will even do all the heavy lifting for you. In business settings, there may be a great deal of waste; in these cases, a RoRo skip may be the ideal answer. Our commercial clients benefit from specialised waste management solutions that are adapted to their specific needs.


Properly disposing of outdated air conditioning equipment is important for both environmental and public health reasons. If not properly disposed of, old air conditioners can cause substantial environmental risks and add to greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce these concerns, it is essential to prioritise recycling over merely dumping obsolete air conditioners in landfills. Recycling services for obsolete air conditioner units may ensure that valuable materials are collected and repurposed, lessening the burden on natural resources.

Furthermore, throwing outdated air conditioners in landfills not only wastes a recycling opportunity but also risks dangerous material leaching into the soil and groundwater, potentially inflicting long-term ecological damage. Individuals and organisations can help protect our world by using ecologically friendly disposal methods such as recycling.

To summarise, recycling old air conditioning equipment is an environmentally responsible choice that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, prevents ozone-depleting substances from being released into the atmosphere, and reduces the negative impact of hazardous waste on our ecosystems. We may contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for future generations by doing so.

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Take action today to make a positive impact on the environment by responsibly disposing of your old air conditioning equipment with Jettison Express!

Recycling is the key: Don’t let your old AC units end up in landfills, where they can harm our planet. Instead, choose eco-friendly options that prioritise recycling.

Contact Jettison Express: Call us at 0333 880 6800 to schedule a pickup or enquire about our recycling services. We’re here to help you make the right choice for the environment.

Join the green movement: Together, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the ozone layer, and prevent hazardous waste from polluting our environment.

Make the call today and let Jettison Express handle your old air conditioning equipment in an environmentally responsible way. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener future for all!

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