A Comprehensive Look at House Clearance Do’s and Don’ts

De-cluttering your Glasgow property does not have to be stressful. Especially when you follow our expert advice in this blog, which includes important dos and don’ts to remember. Remember that rubbish removal must be responsible, therefore complying with local standards and taking essential precautions is important.

If in doubt, contact an experienced house clearance service provider in your area. They offer the experience and ability to make your property clearing process simple and responsible from beginning to end. If you need to speak to an expert right away, call Jettison Express.

Allow us to walk you through the most important dos and don’ts for effective residential junk clearance.

Do’s of a House Clearance

Plan in advance

An organised plan is essential for careful and responsible house removal. When it comes to end-of-tenancy clearance, the whole family needs to plan even more carefully. Go through all of your valuables and decide what you want to get rid of. Make a list of things to throw away and arrange the best clearance time for the job.

Hire a licenced Professional House Clearance

Whether you live in Glasgow or any of the surrounding Council areas in the Strathclyde region, you are aware that there are local waste disposal limitations. Your household waste must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. This may demand professional assistance, especially when dealing with the daunting task of moving house. A licenced Professional House Clearance like Jettison Express will take care of your house clearance job and dispose of your rubbish at a nearby recycling site. They will also provide you with a waste transfer note and an invoice for the work accomplished on your property.

Pack Smaller Items for Faster Clearance

When spring-cleaning your flat or property, you’ll often come across smaller waste such as cardboard boxes, old packaging, old pipes and wires, etc. Bag them and set them aside to speed up collection. This reduces your collecting time while also lowering the overall cost of house clearance for you, making it less of a burden during the moving house process.

Be extremely cautious with your valuables

When deciding what items to throw away and which to keep, make sure you check each one for hidden jewels and important documents. Label items, if possible, to avoid mistakenly removing anything important to you.

Be there During  the House Clearance Process

A local waste disposal company reduces all of your stress when you depend on them, particularly during the hectic time of moving house. However, it’s also important that you stay put and make sure everything is done in accordance with your specifications. Assist the waste clearers by answering any questions they may have or providing any special instructions you may have. Both the clearers’ and your jobs become easier and more efficient as a result.

Handle Your Waste Properly

It is important that you or your waste carrier dispose of the waste responsibly. This involves taking into account local waste management legislation and environmental norms in order to reduce your environmental impact. It is best to work with a licenced house clearance service provider who has experience recycling waste materials. This will also save you time and effort, providing you with top tips on how to sort and declutter effectively.

Don’ts of a House Clearance


Fly-tipping or illegal dumping of household waste will result in serious penalties and legal consequences. Even worse, it will affect the environment in which you live. If removing home waste seems like a pain, hire a local expert to make things easier for you.

Disregard Hazardous Materials

Do not disregard hazardous materials, particularly garden waste, which may contain chemicals and old paint cans, and make sure to sort through belongings carefully. They can be harmful to the environment and pose significant health risks. These things must be carefully handled and recycled at a licenced recycling or reuse facility. Make sure that you collaborate with a reputable waste carrier and acquire a waste transfer notice as confirmation of the proper disposal of these materials.

Ignoring Safety

When removing large furniture or outdated appliances, use proper lifting and carrying equipment. This will help avoid accidents and injuries. Getting competent help can ease your concerns. There are experts who use specialised tools and contemporary vehicles to carefully remove and transport various items from your home.

Mishandling Personal Documents

When disposing of personal documents, take extra precautions to protect your privacy. To avoid problems, these documents should be completely shredded and bagged, a top tip for decluttering before a house move.

Expedite the Procedure

Last but not least, take your time. We are aware that the last thing you want to worry about is house clearance. That’s why it’s important that you organise and seek a trustworthy waste carrier, like Jettison Express Clearance Company, who can carry out the task for you in a responsible way.

Talk about what you want with them. Get a quote that is specific to your needs and budget. Know the company properly and ensure they are licenced. Finally, schedule a clearance time that works for you and your family, and when they arrive for collection, wait till they are finished. The collection may take a few hours at most, but rushing through the process can lead to regrets later.


So, we’ve covered the most important do’s and don’ts for a successful house clearance in Glasgow. Hopefully, they will make the procedure easy for you. In short, be responsible and careful with your household waste. Always be willing to hire a professional for proper clearance and disposal to ensure everything is handled responsibly.

Jettison Express is a certified waste carrier that serves homes, builders, and businesses in Glasgow. We can handle a variety of house clearance requests, including single-room or full-house clearing, spring cleaning, loft clearance, garden waste clearance, end-of-tenancy clearance, and more.

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